Timestamps - fact and fiction

28. February 2018 - Grünhof

More or less everybody is has to cope with timestamps from time to time (no pun intended). Dealing with timestamps looks simple but actually can be crazily difficult. This a semi-humorous overview of the topic.


28. June 2017 - Grünhof

coala - a linter and code analyzer for all programming languages and more.


28. April 2017 - iTernity GmbH

Wir wollen euch mit dem Golang Meetup die Sprache näher bringen und bei Interesse eine aktive Go-Community im Breisgau ins Leben rufen. Als Starthilfe haben wir uns einen Go-Experten aus München eingeladen.

Hexagonal Architecture

22. February 2017 - Grünhof

Hexagonal Architecture is a concept where the core of the application is implemented independently from the infrastructure.